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Advantages to Incorporate in Vanuatu

Company law in Vanuatu is based in English Common Law. Companies in Vanuatu are governed by the Companies Act, except International Companies, the most common offshore entity, which is governed by the International Companies Act. This type of company offers more flexibility and easier administration.

Companies registered under the International Companies Act are entitled to do international business and may have restrictions to trade within Vanuatu, own a real estate interest within the territory, except the lease of an office where it conducts its management, and hold banking, trust or insurance licenses.

Company formation in Vanuatu provides great privacy for owners, Details of beneficiaries, shareholders, directors of a Vanuatu offshore company are not publicly disclosed. Its business-friendly environment is best suited for conducting international business and investment. The country is situated in the south pacific ocean and is officially named as ‘Republic of Vanuatu’.

Vanuatu International Companies (IC)

International Companies (IC) in Vanuatu operate under the ‘The International Companies Act (1993)’ and enjoy the following benefits:

High level of privacy and confidentiality for all corporate members (directors and shareholders).
Businesses in Vanuatu have great accessibility to international markets.
May carry on business anywhere in the world except Vanuatu.
Vanuatu international companies enjoy corporate tax exemptions.
Business setup in Vanuatu requires a lower initial capital.
Director and shareholder may be natural person or corporate entity, (1) no specific requirement on residence or citizenship, (2) minimum number is 1, (3) sole director may also be the sole shareholder.
Directors and shareholders’ meetings may be held anywhere.
May not require an authorized capital.
Government fee is fixed disregard the amount of capital.
International Companies may be required to keep financial records but may not be required to file accounts and annual returns.
Except the constitution filed with the Commission Registry, the company’s statutory registers will be maintained only with the registered agent.
No need to file with governmental authorities in respect of company structure.
Government support on high confidentiality by the provisions of the International Companies Act No.32 of 1992. The Act states that:

Vanuatu has implemented the OECD’s automatic exchanges of information (AEOI) through the CRS (Common Reporting Standard).

Main Uses of
Vanuatu International Company

A Vanuatu international company is commonly used for:

Holding tangible and intangible assets
Asset protection and confidentiality
Estate planning
Securities dealer (Foreign Exchange)
Holding vessels
among others.

Financial License (Forex)
Vanuatu Securities Dealers License

Vanuatu has a very user-friendly Act, the Prevention of Frauds Act which allows an individual or a company to apply for a Securities Dealers License.

This license allows you to buy, sell, trade securities such as shares, bonds, options etc. and manage a portfolio of investments for and on behalf of your clients.

This license can be useful for investment/fund management institutions such as Brokerage firms, mutual or hedge funds etc. who may have clients wishing to invest in securities which may not be permissible or must comply with onerous and costly compliance of their resident jurisdiction. Such investments can be done through an entity incorporated in Vanuatu licensed to carry on Securities dealing business thereby bypassing these constraints legally.

Common Forex License State of registration comparison
Time for
Tax Rate
BVI No 4 Months 0%
Cayman No Under 2
Cyprus Yes Under 6
Seychelles Yes 4 Months 1.5%
Vanuatu No Under 2

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter.
Technical advice should be sought about your specific needs and requirements.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter.
Technical advice should be sought about your specific needs and requirements.

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