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Cook Islands company formation key features

The Cook Islands are a foreign investor’s dream come true. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands are renowned for their tax-free status and relaxed regulatory environment.

As a result, many businesses choose to incorporate in the Cook Islands to take advantage of these benefits.

However, foreign investors should be aware that there are some key requirements for setting up a Cook Islands company.

  • First and foremost, all companies must be registered with the Cook Islands Companies Registry. This process is relatively straightforward and can be completed online.
  • Additionally, all companies must have at least two shareholders, one of whom must be a Cook Islander.
  • Lastly, all companies must appoint a registered agent in the Cook Islands. These requirements may seem daunting, but they are quite easy to meet.

With a little planning and research, foreign investors can easily take advantage of the many benefits of incorporating into the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands company formation

Some of the features of Cook Islands International Companies include:

Only one shareholder required
No minimum share capital requirement
Shares can be of No-Par Value
Shareholders can agree to waive AGMs and appointment of an auditor
Accounts do not have to be filed
Only one director required
No requirement for Cook Islands resident director
Name can be in any language and script, so long as the name includes words denoting limited liability.

Mauritius company set up timescale

It takes about 3 to 4 days to incorporate an offshore company in the Cook Islands. However, in case of expedite service, this time scale can be reduced to 24/48 hours only.

Cook Islands company formation top benefits

Benefits of Incorporating in Cook Islands

Enhanced Privacy Law

Most important and relevant benefit and advantage to set up your company in Cook Islands, is its very strong asset protection and tax free environment.

There is no public registry of International Companies, and information can only be obtained with permission from the Company itself. The Registrar only holds name and address details of the Directors. Shareholder information is only held at the registered office of the company (being CIT).

cook islands company formation benefits 3
There are significant penalties for breach of confidentiality provisions.
Exceptions to privacy law exist in cases of serious criminal activity.

The various tax benefits are:

  • No corporate tax
  • No income tax
  • Exemption of stamp duties
  • No capital stock tax
  • No sales tax

Offshore bank account Cook Islands

We consider a company to be practically useless, unless it holds a corporate bank account.

The exceptions are holding companies that are created with the sole purpose of holding shares in other companies.

Thus, we have developed a banking network and expertise which enables us to open accounts for all companies we register. Obviously, the final decision to open an account depends on the bank, but our account opening success rate is close to 95%.

Our professional status as “International Corporate Service Provider” and our signing of a good conduct charter give us the status of “eligible introducer” in the eyes of financial establishments in general.

As a result of this, opening an account and managing the dossier are much simpler; we send the banking file directly to our clients. We can also open bank accounts by correspondence for the majority of banks we work with.

Our clients can benefit from the following options offered by a majority of our banking partners: Internet Banking, Standing order/ Direct debit, Cheque book, Credit card or Debit card, BACS, CHAPS available, Telephone banking. Normally you will benefit from a period of FREE business banking transaction on a day-to-day basis; a bank account can be open in Euro, US dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen or local currency.

We have made this process as fast and integrated as possible in order to ensure that you receive a first-class service. Throughout the process we are kept up to date with your bank account progress. We do not have any signing rights on the account unless you explicitly instruct us to act as signatories in trust or as a part of the nominee services we provide.

Our company provides professional advice on selection and collaboration with well-established banks for each client individually; we undertake a full set of services on the organization of cooperation with the most reputable and respected banks.

Our clients refer to us as being fast, accurate, responsive but yet very affordable. Our firm kept up that reputation for years and the company is appreciated by the community of world financial institutions. We are pleased to know that the communication between the bank and our clients is most productive from the point of view on receiving concrete high-quality services by mutually beneficial obligations.

And for this reason, and although a wide range of protocols we have with a series of international banks, we do also have a protocol with a local Cook Islands bank, Capital Security Bank, one of the most relevant banks in Cook Islands, where all clients registering their business company there, we can also provide this local bank account opening service.

Cook Islands Company Formation FAQs

What is Cook Islands International Company (IC)?

What is Cook Islands International Company (IC)

The Cook Islands is a world-renowned international financial centre, offering a wide range of international business structures, including international business companies (IBCs), international companies (ICs), and international trusts.

IBCs are the most popular type of international business structure in the Cook Islands, offering a variety of benefits, including asset protection, tax minimization, and confidentiality.

ICs are also popular international business structures in the Cook Islands, offering many of the same benefits as IBCs. Trusts are another type of international business structure that is popular in the Cook Islands, offering asset protection and estate planning benefits.

Whether you’re looking for an international business company, an international company, or an international trust, the Cook Islands offers a world-class financial centre that can meet your needs.

Cook Islands Trust

The Cook Islands Trust is an international asset protection vehicle that is very popular with high-net-worth individuals. The trust is governed by the International Companies Act 1981 and is administered by a Cook Islands Trustee Company. A licensed trustee must be appointed to manage the trust and its assets.

The Cook Islands Trust offers several benefits, including asset protection, tax minimization, and estate planning. The trust can be used to hold a wide range of assets, including cash, property, shares, and other investments.

The trustee has a fiduciary duty to manage the trust in the best interests of the beneficiaries. The Cook Islands Trust is a flexible and powerful tool that can be used to achieve a variety of financial objectives.

Cook Islands LLC

The Cook Islands LLC is a popular choice for international companies looking to establish an offshore presence. The Cook Islands Offshore Company Act provides many benefits, including limited liability and tax exemption. The Cook Islands also have a well-developed infrastructure and a favourable business environment.

Additionally, the Cook Islands are known for their strict confidentiality laws, which help to protect the privacy of company owners. As a result, the Cook Islands LLC is an attractive option for businesses seeking to minimize their tax liability and maximize their privacy.

What are the advantages of a Cook Islands company formation?
Cook Islands company formation has many advantages, especially for those looking to establish an international company. For one, the Cook Islands government is very business-friendly and offers a range of incentives for companies incorporated in the country.

Additionally, the Cook Islands are known for their political and economic stability, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their operations. Furthermore, the country’s favourable tax regime makes it an attractive destination for companies looking to minimize their tax liability.

Finally, the Cook Islands’ proximity to Australia and New Zealand makes it a convenient base for businesses with operations in both countries. As a result, Cook Islands company formation can be an appealing option for a wide range of businesses.

What regulations apply to international companies in Cook Island?
All international companies registered in the Cook Islands are subject to the regulating restrictions of the International Companies Act 1981. This act regulates the formation, registration, operation, and dissolution of these companies.

The Cook Islands government has also enacted several regulations that apply specifically to international companies. These include regulations on corporate governance, accounting, and taxation. As a result, international companies doing business in the Cook Islands must adhere to several different regulations.

However, the government has generally been supportive of foreign investment, and companies that comply with the applicable laws and regulations can expect to find a business-friendly environment in the country.

What documents are required to incorporate a company in the Cook Islands?
If you’re thinking about incorporating a company in the Cook Islands, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, you’ll need to prepare several incorporation documents known as Cook Islands incorporation documents.

These include the Articles of Association, the Memorandum of Association, and the Certificate of Incorporation. You’ll also need to appoint a company secretary and register your company with the Cook Islands Business Registry.

Once all of your incorporation documents have been prepared, you’ll need to submit them to the registry along with the appropriate fees. Once your company has been registered, you’ll be able to start doing business in the Cook Islands! The whole incorporation process can be completed online, so it’s easy and convenient.

Plus, incorporating in the Cook Islands has many benefits, such as low taxes and no currency restrictions. So, if you’re looking for a jurisdiction that is business-friendly and provides plenty of growth opportunities, the Cook Islands is worth considering!

How is the Cook Islands incorporation process?
How is the Cook Islands incorporation process

The Cook Islands is a foreign investment destination that has foreign cook island investors who are interested in incorporating an offshore company. The Cook Islands incorporation process is straightforward.

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership, and the minimum share capital is only $1. The company can be incorporated in one day, and there is no requirement to file annual reports or financial statements. The Cook Islands have a very stable political environment and a strong economy.

The country is also a member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. The Cook Islands is an attractive jurisdiction for offshore company formation due to its low taxes, confidentiality, and flexibility. The Cook Islands offshore industry is well-regulated and provides a high level of support for foreign investors.

How are companies taxed in the Cook Islands?
The Cook Islands operate on a territorial basis when it comes to taxation, which means that only income generated within the country is subject to taxation. There are two types of taxes imposed in the Cook Islands – capital gains tax and income tax.

Companies are only required to pay capital gains tax if they are tax resident in the country. Income tax is levied on both individuals and businesses at a rate of 10%. However, there are a number of deductions and exemptions that may be available.

For example, businesses can deduct expenses such as research and development, capital expenditure, and employee training. As a result, the actual amount of tax payable may be significantly lower than the headline rate.

Are companies in the Cook Islands subject to privacy law?
The Cook Islands is well-known as a haven for asset protection trusts and international companies. But what many people don’t realize is that companies in Cook Islands are subject to a privacy law that is even more stringent than the laws of most developed countries.

The Cook Islands Companies Act requires all Cook Islands companies to maintain a register of shareholders, directors, and officers.

However, this information is not available to the public. In addition, the act requires companies to keep confidential records of all business transactions. As a result, Cook Islands companies offer a high level of privacy and asset protection for their owners.

Are there any insurance regulations for an international company in the Cook Islands?
Are there any insurance regulations for an international company in the Cook Islands

According to the Offshore Insurance Act of the Cook Islands, foreign companies are not allowed to engage in the offshore insurance business unless they are offshore companies.

However, this regulation does not apply to insurance companies that are registered in the Cook Islands and have their principal place of business there.

Offshore companies are also required to maintain a valid offshore insurance license to operate in the country. These regulations help to ensure that offshore insurance companies are properly regulated and that they provide adequate coverage for their customers.

What types of businesses are most suited for Cook Islands company formation?

What types of businesses are most suited for Cook Islands company formation?

The International Trusts Act 1984 offers the highest level of family wealth protection and with the distinctive features of the law, Cook Islands has emerged as the leading jurisdiction for asset protection, restricting asset seizure by foreign authorities.

Cook Islands International Business Companies and Foreign Trusts are therefore the most relevant vehicles to international investors, those wishing to keep a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity in terms of their assets.

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