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An excellent Asia Pacific option for international trade.

Rated #1

In the world by World Bank for ease of doing business.

Rated #1

As the most politically stable country in Asia.

Rated #1
As the best labor force in the world.

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How to incorporate your business company in Singapore

Starting a business in Singapore soon? Eurofinanzza helps businesses to register new companies in Singapore. Having difficulty in setting up a company in Singapore? Worried on business registration in Singapore? As a Corporate Service Provider, Eurofinanzza specialises in business formation and company incorporation in Singapore.
Getting ready on opening a company in Singapore, Eurofinanzza is your right choice to deliver services that efficiently fulfil all statutory compliance for your company. Eurofinanzza will go through with you the procedures to register and form a business quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to concentrate on building your business while we take care of all the administration and compliance matters for you. Eurofinanzza also assists in opening a business in Singapore for foreigners. We help in registering a new company in Singapore as well as taking over companies that wish to change Corporate Service Provider.

As a company with business formation expertise, our range of services include:

Incorporation of private limited company in Singapore.
Registration of limited liability partnership.
Registration of sole proprietorship.
Setting up of company for foreigner with nominee director services.
Provision of Corporate Secretarial Services with named company secretary.
Accounting and Income Tax management.
Structuring, various Business Licenses Application and Singapore Business Advisory.

We are a business formation specialist which deals with businesses and companies incorporation in Singapore.

Highly developed and notable Business Center in the world

A well established and diversified one of Four Asian Tiger (Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore). In just over four decades, Singapore has established a thriving financial centre of international repute, serving not only its domestic economy, but also the wider Asia Pacific region and in some instances, the world. Singapore’s financial centre offers a broad range of financial services including banking, insurance, investment banking and treasury services.

Singapore’s financial centre

A key aspect of Singapore’s financial centre is its deep and liquid capital markets. With one of the more well-established capital markets in Asia-Pacific, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is the preferred listing location of close to 800 global companies. Today, Singapore has grown to be the largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) market in Asia ex-Japan and also provides an extensive offering of investments in business trusts of shipping, aviation and infrastructure assets.

International Financial HUB

Singapore is a leading provider of services such as international banking, trade finance, maritime finance, insurance, treasury operations, and asset and wealth management within the region. Singapore is the fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre in the world after London, New York and Tokyo. As one of the top fourth in the world’s leading global financial centres, Singapore is also the second largest over the counter derivatives trading centre in Asia, and a leading commodities derivatives trading hub. There are over 121 commercial banks with over 115 foreign banks and 3 representative offices of banks in Singapore. All of which play an active role in banking and finance. With total assets under management of around S$1.2 trillion, and which continues to see steady growth, Singapore is also recognized as one of the premier asset management locations in Asia.

Ease of doing business

Singapore is an ideal location as well as the pathway for expanding your esteem businesses before having a business penetration into the global market which can be structured as Investment Holdings and Asian Financial Hub according to your management strategic planning. Strong trade and investment make Singapore the most competitive Asian country and the world’s easiest place to do business.
Why choose Singapore for incorporating your company

Singapore is universally recognized as a world business leader for opening of company:


Rated #1 in the world by World Bank for ease of doing business.

Rated #1 as the most politically stable country in Asia.
Rated #1 as the best labor force in the world.
Rated #1 in Asia for quality of life.
Ranked the third wealthiest nation in the world by Forbes Magazine.
Ranked as the third most globalized economy among 60 of the world’s largest economies in the recently released Ernst and Young 2011 Globalization Index.
Low corporate tax rates: about 8.5 percent up to SG$300K profits and a flat 17 percent thereafter. In addition, new corporations enjoy tax exemption on the first SG$100K of normal chargeable income for their first three consecutive years of operation.
There are no dividend or capital gains taxes in Singapore.
There is no estate/death/inheritance tax in Singapore.
Low personal tax rates start at zero percent and max out at 20 percent above SG$320K.
Government grants, up to 60 percent of costs, provided for the purchase of technology like computers or accounting software.
No auditing is required for privately-owned companies with revenue less than SG$5 million.
Singapore Corporate – Taxes on corporate income

Companies (resident and non-resident) that carry on a business in Singapore are taxed on their Singapore-sourced income when it arises and on foreign-sourced income when it is remitted or deemed remitted to Singapore. Non-residents are subject to withholding tax (WHT) on certain types of income (e.g. interest, royalties, technical service fees, rental of movable property) where these are deemed to arise in Singapore.

Tax on corporate income is imposed at a flat rate of 17%. A partial tax exemption and a three-year start-up tax exemption for qualifying start-up companies are available.

Partial tax exemption (income taxable at normal rate):

Year of assessment 2020 onwards

Chargeable income (SGD) Exempt from tax Exempt income (SGD)
First 10,000 75% 7,500
Next 190,000 50% 95,000
Total 102,500

Start-up tax exemption (income taxable at normal rate):

Year of assessment 2020 onwards

Chargeable income (SGD) Exempt from tax Exempt income (SGD)
First 100,000 75% 75,000
Next 100,000 50% 50,000
Total 125,000
The start-up exemption is not available to property development and investment holding companies. In addition, for the year of assessment 2020, there is a 20% corporate tax rebate. This rebate is capped at SGD 15,000. Singapore adopts a one-tier taxation system, under which all dividends paid by Singapore-resident companies are tax-exempt in the shareholder’s hands.
Key Corporate Features


  • Type of entity – Resident/Non-Resident

Type of law – common

  • Our time to establish a new company – 5 days
  • Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) – S$365
  • Corporate taxation – Varies
  • Double taxation treaty access – Yes

Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency – SGD$
  • Permitted currencies – Any
  • Minimum paid up – S$1

Directors or Managers

  • Minimum number – One
  • Local required – Yes – one
  • Publicly accessible records – Yes
  • Location of meetings – Anywhere


  • Minimum number – One (Corporation or Individual)
  • Publicly accessible records – Yes
  • Location of meetings – Anywhere

Company Secretary

  • Required – Yes
  • Local or qualified – Yes


  • Requirement to prepare – Yes
  • Audit requirements – Yes, but there are exemptions
  • Requirement to file accounts – Yes, but there are exemptions
  • Publicly accessible accounts – Yes, but there are exemptions


  • Requirement to file annual return – Yes
  • Change in domicile permitted – No

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