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How to incorporate your business company in Vanuatu

Vanuatu International Company (VIC)

Vanuatu comprises a chain of approximately 80 islands situated some 2,250 km north-east of Sydney, Australia and 800 km west of Fiji. The country lies between the latitudes of 13° and 21° and climate varies between tropical in the north to sub-tropical in the south. The total land area is approximately 12,190 sq. km. The capital is Port Vila situated on the Island of Efate. Population approximately 218,000.

Vanuatu is a parliamentary democracy, the head of state being the President elected by an electoral college. The position is mainly titular and has very few executive powers. The legislature consists of a single chamber, a 52-member parliament, for which general elections are held every four years.

There are two international airports in Vanuatu. There are regular flights to Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring islands. The country has a dualistic economy with a large smallholder subsistence agricultural sector and a small-monetised sector.

The development of the offshore financial centre in 1971 added new dimensions to the economy and it now contributes considerably to Government revenue through the payment of annual registration fees for all companies, business license fees, insurance, banking and trust company license fees, stamp duties and other smaller fees.

The offshore financial centre has also brought to the country increased employment opportunities, and an excellent infrastructure of telecommunications, banking, legal, accounting and other financial and commercial services.

Advantages to register in Vanuatu
Vanuatu is one of the few countries that, so far, did not sign and did not express any expected date to sign the AEOI – Automatic Exchange of Information.
May carry on business anywhere in the world except Vanuatu.
May carry on any business pursuant to Vanuatu International Companies Act Cap.222 except to the limitation of the jurisdiction the business is carried, e.g. banking, insurance.
Company name may end with Limited, Incorporated, Corporation, Sendirian Berhad, Responsabilite Limitee, Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, Besloten Vennootschap or their abbreviations.
Director and shareholder may be natural person or corporate entity, (1) no specific requirement on residence or citizenship, (2) minimum number is 1, (3) sole director may also be the sole shareholder.
Director meeting and shareholder meeting may be held anywhere.
Meetings via telephone, facsimile, conference calls, electronic means are acceptable.
May not require an authorized capital.
Government fee is fixed disregard the amount of capital.
Limited by shares or guarantee or both.

Bearer shares are no longer allowed.

No audit on financial statements.
No annual returns, filing required.
Except the constitution filed with the Commission Registry, the company’s statutory registers will be maintained only with the registered agent.
No need to file with governmental authorities in respect of company structure.
Company search not entertained unless authorized by the international company.
High level of privacy and confidentiality.
Type of company for International Trade and Investment
Exempt entities underwent a transition to the International Companies Act in early 2012, leading to the repeal of the Companies Act (Cap 191) and its substitution with the Companies Act No: 25 of 2012. Consequently, the International Companies Act of 1992 (No. 32) is currently referred to as the International Companies Act CAP 222. The International Company provides for greater flexibility and minimal compliance.
Key Corporate Features


  • Type of Company – International
  • Shelf company availability – Yes
  • Our time to establish a new company – 2 days
  • Political Stability – Good
  • Common or Civil Law – Common
  • Disclosure of Beneficial Owner – No
  • Migration of Domicile Permitted – Yes
  • Corporate Taxation– Nil
  • Double Taxation Treaty Access – None
  • Language of Name – Latin and other alphabets

Corporate requirements

  • Minimum Number of Shareholders / Members – One
  • Minimum Number of Directors / Managers – One
  • Corporate Directors / Managers Permitted – Yes
  • Company Secretary Required – No
  • Usual Authorised Capital – None

Local requirements

  • Registered Office – Yes
  • Registered Agent – Yes
  • Company Secretary – No
  • Local Directors – No
  • Local Meetings – No
  • Government Register of Directors / Managers – No
  • Government Register of Shareholders / Members – No

Annual requirements

  • Annual Return – No
  • Annual Return Filing Fe – No
  • Annual Audit – No

Recurring Government costs

  • Minimum Annual Tax / Licence Fee – US$300
  • Annual Return Filing Fee – N/A

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