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Mauritius company formation key features

The process of incorporating a Mauritius company has many key features and advantages for global businesses. Mauritius companies enjoy a number of tax incentives, including a low corporate tax rate and full exemption from capital gains tax. In addition, Mauritius has a network of double taxation treaties with a number of countries, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Another key advantage of Mauritius company formation is the ease with which non-residents can incorporate a company. There is no requirement for directors or shareholders to be residents of Mauritius, and the process can be completed entirely online. As a result, incorporating a company in Mauritius is an efficient and cost-effective way to access global markets.
Mauritius company formation

Mauritius top benefits

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Mauritius top benefits

Mauritius has a liberal economic trade policy and privileged regulations with many countries. As a member of the World Trade Organization and a signatory of the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Mauritius is a reputed business and investment hub in Africa, especially for international trade.

Located at the confluence of Africa and Asia, Mauritius has established itself as the regional business hub for Africa. A jurisdiction of substance and high level of reputation, many top international firms have already their business based in Mauritius for optimisation purposes.

Top 8 reasons why you should set up your company in Mauritius.

1. Mauritius is the leading international financial centre in Africa for doing business, economic freedom, competitiveness and transparency.
2. Political, Economic and Social Stability Comparatively to other countries in Africa, Mauritius is a country with economic and political stability.
3. Highly Qualified Workforce Mauritius has a highly qualified taskforce consisting of bilingual (English & French) professionals available for hire at a competitive price. The country’s literacy rate is one of the highest in Africa at 91%.
4. International Trade Mauritius has a liberal economic trade policy and privileged regulations with many countries. As a member of the World Trade Organization and a signatory of the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Mauritius is a reputed business and investment hub in Africa, especially for international trade.
5. Harmonized Fiscal System Over 20,000 offshore companies are set up in Mauritius. Over the years, the favourable business environment and fiscal measures put in place by the government allowed to attract both foreign investment and foreign talent. The Mauritian tax regime includes:

6. Tax advantages

  • No inheritance tax
  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • Corporate and personal tax rate of 15%
  • Some types of foreign income incurred by corporates can enjoy 80% exemption, which enable them to benefit from a corporate tax of 3%
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • 15% Value-added tax (refundable)
  • Tax-free dividends
  • No capital gains tax, no property tax or inheritance tax
  • No customs duties or VAT on certain equipment
  • Free repatriation of profits, capital and dividends
7. Wide Range of Business Structures As an International Financial Centre of repute and substance, the country provides efficient structuring solutions to help you maximize the value of your company. The choice of the corporate structure of a company depends on the types of activities you may wish to carry out to carry. No minimum capital is necessary to establish a company in Mauritius.
8. Cost and Lead Time for Setting Up Your Company in Mauritius While the cost to establish your company in Mauritius is affordable and competitive, the effective cost also depends on the type of company structure that you would like to incorporate.

Mauritius company set up timescale

On average, it will take between 3 to 5 working days to set up your company in Mauritius but it depends on the type of corporate structure as some companies take more days to be established.

Offshore bank account Mauritius

We consider a company to be practically useless, unless it holds a corporate bank account. The exceptions are holding companies that are created with the sole purpose of holding shares in other companies. Thus, we have developed a banking network and expertise which enables us to open accounts for all companies we register. Obviously, the final decision to open an account depends on the bank, but our account opening success rate is close to 95%. Our professional status as “International Corporate Service Provider” and our signing of a good conduct charter give us the status of “eligible introducer” in the eyes of financial establishments in general. As a result of this, opening an account and managing the dossier are much simpler; we send the banking file directly to our clients. We can also open bank accounts by correspondence for the majority of banks we work with.
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Our clients can benefit from the following options offered by a majority of our banking partners: Internet Banking, Standing order/ Direct debit, Cheque book, Credit card or Debit card, BACS, CHAPS available, Telephone banking. Normally you will benefit from a period of FREE business banking transaction on a day-to-day basis; a bank account can be open in Euro, US dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen or local currency. We have made this process as fast and integrated as possible in order to ensure that you receive a first-class service. Throughout the process we are kept up to date with your bank account progress. We do not have any signing rights on the account unless you explicitly instruct us to act as signatories in trust or as a part of the nominee services we provide. Our company provides professional advice on selection and collaboration with well-established bank for each client individually; we undertake a full set of services on the organization of cooperation with the most reputable and respected banks. Our clients refer to us as being fast, accurate, responsive but yet very affordable. Our firm kept up that reputation for years and the company is appreciated by the community of world financial institutions. We are pleased to know that the communication between the bank and our clients is most productive from the point of view on receiving concrete high-quality services by mutually beneficial obligations. And for this reason, and although the wide range of protocols we have with a series of international banks, we do also have a protocol with local Mauritius banks, some of the most relevant banks in Mauritius, where all clients registering their business company there, we can also provide this local bank account opening service.

Mauritius Company Formation FAQs

What types of companies can be established in Mauritius?

What types of companies can be established in Mauritius

Global Business Company (GBC)

Mauritius is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean. Despite its size, it has a thriving economy and is home to several large businesses. One type of business that is particularly common in Mauritius is the global business company or GBC.

GBCs are businesses that are registered in Mauritius but operate in other countries. They are typically used for tax purposes, as Mauritius has favourable tax laws for offshore companies. However, GBCs must also comply with the Mauritius Revenue Authority’s regulations, which include reporting requirements and disclosure rules.

As a result, GBCs are subject to both Mauritian and foreign laws. This can make them complex entities to manage, but they can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to reduce their tax liability.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business entity in Mauritius that offers limited liability to its owners. LLCs are popular among small businesses and entrepreneurs because they offer the same legal protections as a corporation, but with less paperwork and fewer compliance requirements.

Owners of an LLC are not personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business, which gives them greater peace of mind and protection. LLCs are also taxed as pass-through entities, meaning that the business itself is not subject to capital gains tax. This makes them an attractive option for businesses that are looking to minimize their tax liability.

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to restructure your existing business, an LLC may be the right choice for you.

Limited Partnership

A limited partnership is an authorized company in Mauritius which has two types of partners, general and limited. The general partner is responsible for the day-to-day management and control of the limited partnership.

The limited partners are only liable to the extent of their investment and have no say in the management of the business. Limited partnerships are a popular vehicle for foreign ownership and foreign investors as 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

There are many benefits of setting up a limited partnership in Mauritius such as tax efficiency, flexibility, and stability. However, there are also some risks involved such as unlimited liability for the general partner and lack of control over the business.

Authorized company

According to the Companies Act 2001, an authorized company is a company that is authorized by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to carry on business in or from Mauritius. The act requires all companies to be authorized by the commission to operate in Mauritius.

They must meet certain criteria, including having a minimum paid-up capital of MUR 100,000 and a minimum share capital of MUR 1,000. They must also have a board of directors consisting of at least three members, a company secretary, and a registered office in Mauritius.

In addition, authorized companies must comply with the reporting and disclosure requirements of the Financial Services Commission. Authorized companies are subject to periodic audits by the commission, and their financial statements must be available for inspection by the public.

Free Zone company

A Free Zone company is a limited liability company incorporated in Mauritius which is wholly owned by foreign investors and registered with the Registrar of Companies. The objects of such companies are restricted to carrying on international business, offshore banking, investment advisory and management, financing, insurance, leasing and factoring business.

They are not allowed to conduct any business with residents of Mauritius or carry out any activity in Mauritius without a licence from the Board of Investment. In order to obtain a licence from the Board of Investment, foreign companies must satisfy certain criteria such as export orientation and minimum capital investment.

Free Zone companies are exempt from corporate tax rate on their shareholders’ dividends and are also eligible for a number of Double Taxation Agreements. These features make such companies attractive vehicles for conducting international business.

What do I need to know in order to set up an offshore company in Mauritius?

What do I need to know in order to set up an offshore company in Mauritius

How does the company registration work?
Interested in setting up a business in Mauritius? Here’s everything you need to know about company registration in Mauritius. All businesses operating in Mauritius must be registered under the Business Registration Act. The process is relatively straightforward and can be completed online. Once your business is registered, you’ll need to provide a registered address for your business, as well as obtain a business licence. To register your business, you’ll need to submit a business registration form, which is available on the Mauritius government website. You’ll also need to pay a registration fee, which is currently MUR 1,000 (approx. USD 30). Once your business is registered, you’ll be issued a business registration certificate. Once you’ve registered your business, you can then apply for a business licence. Depending on the type of business you’re setting up, you may need to obtain additional licences or permits from other government agencies. Once you have all the necessary licences and permits in place, you can then start operating your business in Mauritius.
How does the company Incorporation work?

Mauritius is a great place to incorporate a company. The process is relatively simple, and there are many benefits for foreign entrepreneurs. Here are the steps to incorporating a company in Mauritius:

  1. Choose a registered address service. This is where you will register your company and maintain your corporate records.
  2. Apply for a business registration certificate from the Mauritius Revenue Authority. This helps to legitimize your business and ensures that you can comply with tax laws.
  3. Once you have received your business registration certificate, you can then apply for a trade license from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection. This allows you to operate your business in Mauritius.
  4. Once you have received your trade license, you can then start operating your business in Mauritius! There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in Mauritius, so get started today!
As a result, incorporating in Mauritius can be an attractive option for entrepreneurs.
Is there any minimum capital requirement?
When it comes to setting up an offshore company, one of the most common questions is whether there is a minimum capital requirement. In Mauritius, there is no minimum capital requirement for setting up an offshore company. This makes it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs who want to get their businesses up and running with minimal investment. However, it’s important to note that setting up an offshore company in Mauritius does require some initial investment. You will need to pay for online application and registration fees, as well as the cost of registered address services. Additionally, you may want to consider investing in asset protection to safeguard your assets from potential risks. However, with careful planning and preparation, setting up an offshore company in Mauritius can be a viable option for entrepreneurs with limited capital.

What types of businesses are most suited for Mauritius company formation?

“Authorised Companies” are currently the most usual and frequent type of companies in Mauritius.
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“Authorised Companies” characteristics:

  • at all-times it has a registered agent in Mauritius;
  • it is a non-citizen, not being a banking institution, which holds the majority of its shares or voting rights or legal, beneficial interests; and
  • its principal place of effective management is situated outside Mauritius.
  • Authorised Companies suitable (but not limit) for:
    • Non-Financial Consultancy
    • IT Services
    • Logistics
    • Marketing
    • Shipping
    • Ship Management
    • Trading (Non-Financial)y
    • Passive Investment Holding
    • One off transaction using a Special Purpose Vehicle