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How to incorporate your business company in the Cook Islands

Cook Islands Offshore company formation
A Cook Islands International Company (IC) or International Business Company (IBC) as it is referred to in other jurisdictions, is an offshore entity giving individuals and corporations numerous advantages such as security and tax planning benefits.
The Cook Islands are a total of fifteen islands located in the South Pacific, northeast of New Zealand and between American Samoa and French Polynesia. The Cook Islands offshore financial sector emerged in 1982 with the passing of the Cook Islands International Companies Act, which was later accompanied by an amending piece of asset protection legislation that is regarded as the most comprehensive and secure pieces of legislation in the world, firmly ensuring the assets of foreign Cook Island investors. Over the years, the Cook Islands government has, time and time again, supported its position as an offshore financial center, refusing to comply with foreign directives and court orders seeking to strong arm the local government and breech the impenetrable Cook Islands offshore structures. The last few years the Cook Islands, in order to comply with new international standards by the OECD and anti-money laundering directives, have had to institute several automatic tax agreements and reporting requirements. Companies incorporated in the Cook Islands enjoy structural flexibility and simple administrative procedures in a highly secure and confidential location. There are minimal reporting and regulating restrictions with comprehensive protective offshore laws that ensure client security. There are no other offshore jurisdictions that can boast of such extensive asset protection measures – the Cook Islands are truly the safest place in the world.

The Cook Islands also offers two other widely-used offshore formation products for their strong asset protection and security measures:

  • Cook Islands Trust
  • Cook Islands LLC

The Advantages of Cook Islands Offshore International Companies (VIDEO)

Top uses of a Cook Islands Offshore company
There are no restrictions from doing business anywhere outside of the Cook Islands, except where activities are deemed as being illegal or require a license to legally conduct such business. The only limitations are in conducting business within the Cook Islands and when such activities are in banking, insurance or real estate, which require an appropriate license. The formation of an IC can be used for, including but not limited to:
Offshore savings and investments
Trade and distribution
Forex and stock trading
Professional service company
International trading
Financial management
Cook Islands Offshore company incorporation requirements

The requirements to register a Cook Island IC are straightforward. A registered agent, acting through a Cook Islands trustee company will submit the necessary documents needed to the Registrar, including:

  • Name of the IC
  • Registered address of the IC
  • Name and address of the registered agent
A Cook Islands Offshore International Company is exempt from all taxes. This includes, but is not limited to:
No income tax
No capital gains tax
No sales tax
No stock sale or transfer tax
No capital stock tax
No property tax
No estate tax
No gift tax
No stamp tax
No succession tax
No inventory tax

Any International Company incorporated in the Cook Islands is exempt from all local taxation, since the Directors are not resident in the Cook Islands, and control of the Company is exercised from outside the Cook Islands.

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